About Us
Weyly Sdn Bhd was establishes in June 2017, it is a privately CIDB (No:0120170824- SL002860) and NIOSH register company with owned and cater for the needs of our growing building industry.

Our core activities are in design, supply & apply of various painting, Flooring and repair works such as Decorative Paint, Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Coatings, Heavy Duty Car Park Coating, Steel Structural Coating and Water Proofing for any type of buildings.

In order to ensure the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction, we have equipped with quality and experienced persons to execute the Project and Management service for the Tendering, Designing, Colour Matching and budget our operation.

Basically the company is based at Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

The company is continuously to building its reputation on quality and finish since it start the business. We have direct employee tradesmen and apprentices and also contract the specialist sub contractors where required to undertake specific tasks.
To build a company which provides clients with 100% satisfaction , to offer a reliable service, with flexible & innovative programs coupled with individual and friendly service. owned and cater for the needs of our growing building industry.
To protect, beautify, decorate and preserve the structures using means and materials of the most progressive, innovative and efficient type.

Our commitment to the customers is to set us apart and ahead of our competitors and we continuously work closely with our contractors, engineers, owners, and customers to understand their requirements. Perfect flooring, Begin with solutions! No matter the requirements of your building or facility, we have the expertise of flooring knowledge to custom made the right flooring solution.

Our goal is to achieve green architecture tendency. We are providing eco-friendly materials which to replace solvent-based products with products that are low in VOC.
The one of the trusted brands in Malaysia which was founded in the year 2017. We hold expertise in application and supplying flooring protection solutions for high-quality Epoxy Industrial Coatings, HACCP International Certified Polyurethane Screed and Car Park Coating Solutions.

In Florcote, we offering wide range of systems to serve on several of industrial flooring: -

Self-Smoothing Epoxy Coating Systems
HACCP International Certified Polyurethane Screed Systems
Car Park Traffic Systems
ESD Anti-Static Flooring systems
Vinyl Ester Coating Systems
And many more …
The endless good qualities and benefits of the Epoxy and Polyurethane makes it suitable for various industrial and commercial purposes and we highly recommend it for:

Automobile Assembly Plants and Service Workshops
Electronics component manufacture & assembly
Food and Beverages Industry
Pharmaceutical and Laboratories Industry
Manufacturing Warehousing and storage
Packaging Plants
Hospitals and Schools
Chemical Plants
Aircraft and Airport
Commercial Building
Car Park Traffic
Any many more …
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